Monday, September 10, 2012

Liqui-Bond SA 1800

Liqui-Bond SA 1800 is a high performance, liquid silicone adhesive that cures to a solid bonding elastomer. The adhesive is supplied as a one-part liquid component, offered in a tube or mid-size container.

Liqui-Bond SA 1800 features a combination of high thermal conductivity with a low viscosity which allows for ease of screen or stencil application. This material is also ideal for high volume automated pattern dispensing. Liqui-Bond SA 1800's low viscosity allows the material to achieve a very thin bond line, producing excellent thermal performance and a high shear strength.

Liqui-Bond SA 1800’s mild elastic properties assist in relieving CTE stresses during thermal cycling. The material cures at elevated temperatures and requires refrigeration storage at 10°C. Liqui-Bond SA 1800 is available with optional glass beads to provide a consistent stand-off and ensure dielectric integrity.

Typical Applications Include:
  •     PCB assembly to housing
  •     Discrete component to heat spreader
Features and Benefits
  •     High thermal conductivity: 1.8W/m-K
  •     Eliminates need for mechanical fasteners
  •     Low viscosity for ease of screening or stenciling
  •     Maintains structural bond in severe-environment applications
  •     Heat cure

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