Friday, September 28, 2012

IPDiA, to strengthen its Research and Development strategy, launches its major cooperative innovation program (PRIIM) of more than 50M€ funded by OSEO (French organization supporting the development of SMEs).

IPDiA, leader in 3D Silicon components, will develop new high performance Integrated Passive Devices (IPD) and innovative System in Package technologies with its partners (CEA LETI, CNRS - LAAS and - CRISMAT, 3D Plus, ELA Medical, Gemalto, Kalray, MOVEA).

To reach miniaturization and reliability requirements increasingly necessary in applications such as implantable medical devices and smart cards, IPDIA will develop new structures and processes to:
- Design new high performance Integrated Passive Devices working in severe environments.
- Develop new packaging technologies for system miniaturization.

PRIIM supports IPDiA real innovative industrial services for IPDs and Assembly.

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