Thursday, September 27, 2012

Honeywell Partners with Korea’s Kangnam University for Green Campus Model

Honeywell has signed a Green Partnership Agreement with Kangnam University (KNU) in South Korea to implement conservation measures that will reduce energy use on campus by almost 35% and cut greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption by nearly 30% each by 2015.  The project supports the Korean Association for the Green Campus Initiative which aims to support environmentally responsible facilities that not only comply with new government regulations emphasizing energy accountability, but also to inspire a new generation of students to care about the environmental impacts of their energy use.

Honeywell Energy Manager, in combination with Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator, will be installed to facilitate and analyze the energy consumption data from more than 35,000 points in 16 buildings across the 49-acre campus. The system enables the university to adjust lighting and temperature set points based on occupancy levels and time of day.  Honeywell engineers will also install new boilers and other heating equipment for the dormitories to replace older, inefficient models, and implement water recycling conservation measures that are expected to save up to 81,000 liters of water per year. Phase one of the three-phase project, which is expected to reduce energy usage by 15%, cut greenhouse gas emissions by 13%  and lower university operating costs by 18%, will be complete in April 2013. 

“While environmentalism and sustainability can be somewhat abstract themes, at Honeywell we help our customers bring together the technologies and services that turn these aspirations into results,” said MoonSung Kim, general manager of Honeywell Building Solutions Korea. “It’s about understanding how and where you consume energy, and about what you to do change those behaviors. We have a focused strategy on helping universities implement energy and conservation measures and can leverage our global expertise as well as our regional skill sets to do so. We’re delighted to partner with KNU to be at the forefront of change.”

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