Friday, September 28, 2012

CUI's AMT Encoder to be Paired with DC Motors from MicroMo

CUI Inc announces that their AMT Series modular encoder is now being carried by MicroMo Electronics, Inc., the North American distributor for the Faulhaber Group. The AMT utilizes CUI’s proprietary capacitive technology, which holds numerous advantages over the optical technology typically used in today’s modular encoders. The AMT’s design allows users to select from a range of resolutions via an on-board dip switch, creating flexibility for companies utilizing multiple encoders in their applications. Additionally, common problems associated with optical encoders, including fragility of the optical disk, led burn-out, limited temperature range, and high current consumption are eliminated by capacitive technology.

The AMT has been paired with several MicroMo DC motors ranging from 22 to 32 mm diameters and is being sold as a value added package. Dodd Disler, MicroMo’s Vice President and COO observes, “CUI provides a competitive encoder solution using unique technology. This provides another great tool for MicroMo to integrate into our custom motion solutions and value added drive systems.”

The combination of the AMT and the MicroMo DC motor is ideal for indication and control of shaft velocity and direction of rotation as well as for positioning. The AMT102 is configured with a side or radial exit connector and the AMT103 is configured with a top or axial connector. The supply voltage for the encoder and the DC motor, as well as the output signals, are interfaced with separate cables for connection.

Matt McKenzie CUI’s President states, “MicroMo is an industry leader in its space and CUI greatly values their partnership.”

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