Thursday, August 30, 2012

We Have Developed a New Power Conditioner for Photovoltaic Generation: The "SOLGRID* Series" 10 kW "PVS010T200"!

Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku) has developed a 10 kW power conditioner for photovoltaic generation with high-frequency isolation, the "PVS010T200." It achieves the highest level of power conversion efficiency in the industry*2, at 93%. Sales will start in Summer 2010, mainly to schools and public and industrial fields, as the start of the "SOLGRID*1 series."

Features of the "PVS010T200" 10 kW power conditioner for photovoltaic generation
  •     Uses Shindengen's proprietary power circuit technology to achieve achieve the highest level of power conversion efficiency in the industry*2: 93%
  •     Its design manages to be compact and lightand to offer superior heat dissipation and workability
  •     Size: 600(W)*260(D)*600(H)mm[o1]
  •     Weight: 60kg
  •     It uses high-frequency isolation, which eliminates the need to install a commercial transformer. Safety secured. (Prevents leak current from stray capacitance generated between photovoltaic cell and ground)
  •     Supports parallel operation (up to 8)
  •     Contains junction box function (up to 7 circuits, 10 A/circuit)
  •     Many options available (e.g. Built in transducer, SUS case, douser , no junction box type)
  •     JET certified Photovoltaic generation systems are gathering attention around the world as a source of renewable energy.
They have even gotten the Japanese government’s vigorous moving, for instance, in its School New Deal plan, which promotes the introduction of photovoltaic generation into schools. Photovoltaic generation systems need power conditioners to convert DC power generated from a photovoltaic panel to AC power. With momentum building for higher generation efficiency throughout the system, an intense need has grown for a power conditioner with improved conversion efficiency. So we developed the 10 kW "PVS010T200," the beginning of the "SOLGRID*1 series" of power conditioners for photovoltaic generation. It utilizes Shindengen's proprietary inverter power circuit technology to achieve the highest level of power conversion efficiency in the industry*2: 93%. The PVS010T200 uses high-frequency isolation to solve a problem found in the current status quo of non-isolated power conditioners, that leak current arises in photovoltaic generation system. The product also helps to save space and to make installation more convenient in that it does not need an isolating transformer installed externally. Yet further, it conforms to the requirements of guidelines for grid connection technology and offers many useful functions for improving the overall performance of the photovoltaic generation system, including the ability to sell surplus power. We are pushing for aggressive sales of the PVS010T200 into schools, public and industrial fields, where introduction of photovoltaic generation systems is spreading rapidly. It is the answer to the market's needs, with environmental performance at the highest level in the industry*2.

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