Thursday, August 30, 2012

To Replace a Incandescent Bulb with a Single Package

Leading global LED provider Seoul Semiconductor (SSC) today announced a new AC and DC-powered LED for downlight, named ‘A8.’ Based on its plan to release new product(s) every month in 2011, the global company introduced Acriche A8 followed after two high-brightness DC LED product and Acriche A7.

The brand new LED Acriche ‘A8’ replaces 60W incandescent bulbs with a single package is very competitive in terms cost by removing SMD process of dozens of DC LED package on expensive metal substrate for thermal emission and also to prevent using AC, DC converter. Acriche, the semiconductor light source which can operate under both AC and DC power supply, is one of the flagship brands of Seoul Semiconductor. It operates immediately without a converter at 110V/220V as well as under low/high voltage.

‘A8’ is a product specially designed for downlight, which is the most demanding among lighting LEDs these days. In particular, it is offered in an ultra-thin package (25x22x2mm), COB style with 700lm of brightness. So it is far better than rival products in terms of light efficiency enough to replace 60W light bulb with only one A8 package.

‘A8,’ customized for incandescent bulb / downlight and indoor lighting, can last up to the life of the LED chip because it does not require a converter. So far, DC LED lamps have lasted about 10,000 hours because of the short lifespan of the converter.

Seoul Semiconductor started its mass production of the latest Acriche, A8 series and samples are now available upon request.

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