Thursday, August 30, 2012

Seoul Semiconductor LED Lighting Delivers Fantastic Visual Experience

Leading global LED provider Seoul Semiconductor (SSC) today announced that Z-Power LED Series were installed as stage lighting at the opening ceremonies of the Asian Games 2010. The Guangzhou Games committee selected local SSC partner GOLDEN SEA Professional Equipment Ltd. to provide the Z-power LED Series-embedded lighting solution, which played a vital role in illuminating the on-stage performances with exceptionally high quality light, creating a fantastic visual experience. The win marks SSC’s continued growth in mainland China, one of the fastest growing LED lighting markets in the world.

SSC’s Z-Power Series RGB LED was chosen by GOLDEN SEA Professional Equipment Ltd. mainly for its outstanding lighting quality and brought to the Asian Games a truly fantastic and dramatic visual experience. With the added ability of generating pure, uniform white light that achieves 80 on the color rendering index (CRI), it also creates outstanding evening visibility, comfort and safety.

The Z-power Series is also extremely energy efficient, producing 100 lumens/W @350mA, achieving the industry’s highest luminous efficacy with only a single die. It also contains no toxic substances such as mercury, emits no harmful IR or UV rays, and cuts down dramatically on energy-based CO2 production, making it a perfect fit for the theme of this year’s Asian Games, “high-tech, energy saving, going green”. And, since the Z-power LED-embedded stage lights last 100,000 hours—over 130 times more than conventional lighting—maintenance costs can be significantly reduced.

“As a leading supplier of high quality lighting in mainland China, we strive to bring the most advanced, most value-added lighting solutions to our customers,” said Zhang Wei Kai, president of Golden Sea. “The Asian Games is one of the largest events in China this year, and I am sure our partnership with Seoul Semiconductor was instrumental in enabling us to secure this monumental win. Their LED lighting products are best-in-class, featuring excellent technology, energy efficiency, and are completely safe for the environment. It is always a pleasure working with them, and we looking forward to tightening our relationship in the future.”

Brian Wilcox, Vice President of North American sales for Seoul Semiconductor, said, “Seoul Semiconductor is proud to see that Z-Power Series RGB LED powered lighting was selected for the stage lighting at the opening ceremonies of the Asian Games. Featuring rich color, the Z-power Series provides exceptionally consistent lighting for a more pleasant viewing experience, and improves visual detail. Because it is also extremely energy efficient, long lasting, and safe for the environment, it is the best lighting solution for many different kinds of general lighting applications.”

SSC LED lighting has made groundbreaking appearances around the world, including at Paris’s most famous landmark, the Eiffel Tower. Bringing its world-class technologies to China, SSC continues to demonstrate a deep commitment to providing the region with safer, more efficient and more beautiful LED solutions, highlighted by their extensive use at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

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