Monday, August 20, 2012

S1 series stops the noise, brings in the data

The latest version of Megger’s S1 series of insulation testers offers the standard requirements for a solid piece of insulation testing equipment: insulation resistance (IR), polarization index (PI), dielectric absorption ratio (DAR), step voltage (SV) and dielectric discharge (DD) testing. Additionally, the S1 series increases safety, allows for precise testing and accounts for the highest noise an operator may encounter in the field, setting it a step above the standard.

Testing and Safety
The S1 series offers testing safety, even in demanding applications, in both the 5 kilovolt (kV) and 10 kV models; every product in this series now meets the requirements for use in CAT IV 600 V applications (in line with IEC 61010-1).

With 8 kV transient immunity, the S1 series is both suitable for measurements at low-voltage installations and offers high-voltage immunity (up to 8 kV). That’s double the rating of previous insulation tester options.

Megger also supplies the S1 series with a fully specified guard terminal, a unique feature in this industry. Acting as a shunt circuit for parallel leakage points, the guard terminal (labeled with a “G” on the unit) allows the operator to sectionalize testing. As a result, users can achieve fast, accurate results even with equipment possessing high levels of surface leakage, providing more reliable information to assist in fault diagnostics.

Along with meeting requirements and possessing a guard terminal for enhanced testing, the S1 series also offers industry-leading 4 milliampere (mA) noise rejection. Supported by sophisticated hardware and software, the series delivers accurate and reliable results even in noisy electrical environments (substation switchyards, for example) where other insulation testers are rendered useless.

Default settings suit the vast majority of applications, but the experienced operator may use the optional software filtering of the S1 series to fine-tune testing optimization, especially with demanding applications.

Additionally, the S1 series delivers a higher charging current than the standard insulation tester in the industry, which saves time and minimizes the risk of measuring before the set test voltage is reached, and it offers a variable test voltage up to 10 kV (depending on unit) to allow for the early detection of insulation deterioration.

The software of the S1 series has been upgraded to PowerDB LITE, which comes standard in the latest S1 series package. PowerDB LITE allows test results from the S1 series to be kept, trended and reported.

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