Monday, August 20, 2012

KPSI 380 Submersible Temperature Transducer

Measurement Specialties, Inc. (NASDAQ: MEAS) is announcing for release its latest new product – the KPSI 380 Submersible Temperature Transducer. This new product leads the industry with an accuracy specification of ±0.1°C with stability of ±0.05°C per 12 months.

The KPSI 380 is a digital device that uses either SDI-12 or RS-485 serial-digital interface. It operates on a 6-28VDC supply voltage with an IP-68 and NEMA 6P rating, and is certified to numerous CE qualifications (EN 61000). It features MEAS’ Nickel RTD and ASIC chipset sensors, and is available with optional lifetime lightning protection. It is constructed of a welded 316 stainless steel body, a Delrin nosepiece and custom length polyurethane cable.

The KPSI 380 was originally designed for use by governmental agencies and academic research institutions involved in environmental and surface water monitoring applications such as stream gauging, aquifer characterization, groundwater monitoring and storm water. These applications typically include solar/battery-powered operation. The KPSI 380 will operate with minimal current drain, and the ability to use multiple sensors with a single data recorder. As an SDI-12 compliant device, you can configure up to 10 transducers on a single SDI-12 bus. With optional RS-485 interface, it could be utilized in applications such as dam operations, thermoelectric water discharge, aquaculture/egg hatcheries, natural gas hydraulic fracturing and mining operations.

Measurement Specialties acquired Pressure Systems, Inc. (PSI) in September 2010. Measurement Specialties will continue to develop, manufacture and service the highly accurate level measuring instruments that Pressure Systems is renowned for in the environmental and municipal markets.

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