Thursday, August 30, 2012

Digital Control Technology: Raising Power's Added Value With High-Speed Digital Control!

With "environment" as the key word, automobile manufacturers are competing fiercely to develop cars with superior fuel efficiency. These eco-cars need efficient and reliable converters. We have employed DSP control ICs. They allow us to develop digital control products whose characteristics are not affected by temperature changes or age. Technology Overview: Our digital control system achieves high-speed control and added value by going from the old system of analog feedback control to our unique switching power algorithm.

(The Advantages of Digital Control)

1) Cuts the number of parts
2) Can maintain or improve reliability, without age deterioration
3) Easy to add high added value (can even control communication functions, etc., besides power)
4) Makes controls unfeasible with analog control possible (predictive control, self-learning functions, etc.)

• Operating frequency 60 MHz
• 16-bit calculation
• Incorporates 16-bit product-sum computing unit
• 9-step pipeline processing
• Computing circuits optimized for power control
  (SD/JRC original: optimal computing circuits of computing abilities far beyond the competition)
• Handles C language
• Code security function
• No need for external reset circuit
  (includes subclock, WDT, power-on reset, power voltage monitoring)
• Product inspection, test permission special terminal, consideration for testability
• Full scan and special module specialized inspection functionality
• High-speed clock BIST function
• Sleep mode/clock halt functions (energy saving)

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