Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bi-Stable LCD Technology Uses 99% LESS Power Than Traditional LCDs!

Lumex announces the global launch of their InfoVue Bi-Stable family of displays, a low-power LCD solution well-suited for a wide range of applications where display information is not changed more than a few times a day. For some applications, the Lumex InfoVue Bi-Stable LCD requires up to 99% less energy consumption than traditional LCD technologies.

A traditional LCD module requires 25-50mW of constant power to display even a static, unchanging image. Lumex´s Bi-Stable LCDs can display the same information for over a year after power has been turned off with just a onetime 2-5second burst of 10mW of power. The new technology enables users to more easily update vital display information while also generating cost and manpower savings.

Compatible with a variety of LCD configurations, the bistable technology can replace standard LCD technology or printed displays where information changes with less frequency than is the case for traditional LCD applications. Bi-Stable LCD applications include:

  •     Retail Outlets (price and sale-announcement displays on shelves and throughout the store);
  •     Industrial Controls (thermostat-related, automation controls and drive control applications);
  •     Security (climate, alarm and access control displays on indoor security system panels);
  •     Hospitality (displays in common areas as well as in rooms)

The InfoVue Bi-Stable LCD features an innovative cholesteric solution in place of the traditional twisted nematic liquid crystal solution. This feature allows the LCD to provide consistent performance with extremely low energy requirements. This provides significant cost savings for applications transitioning away from higher-energy consuming traditional LCDs.

Cost savings are also available for printed display applications transitioning to bistable LCD technology. The InfoVue Bistable LCDs represent a low-energy alternative to the economic and environmental costs of repeatedly printing variable displays. Additionally, significant savings in time and cost are generated by the fact that displays can be centrally updated on a computer rather than manually updated throughout a venue.

“InfoVue Bi-Stable LCDs provide significant cost savings and performance benefits to a number of niche display applications that have traditionally been addressed with print displays,” explained Brian Coates, Technical Sales Manager at Lumex. “For example, not only can a retail outlet save on printing supplies and manpower by no longer having to manually print and post pricing information throughout the store, they can also more easily provide additional variable information such as ´For Today Only´ or ´´Newly Reduced Price´ on their displays.”

InfoVue Bi-Stable LCD technology comes with complimentary integration support. Lumex Technical Design Specialists can integrate the bistable technology with LEDs, light pipes, switches, connectors and other key components to create solutions that maximize performance and efficiency in each individual application.

The RoHs compliant InfoVue Bi-Stable LCDs are available in custom sizes ranging from ¼ inch to 9½ inches. Samples are available in a 2.8 inch size with 128x64 resolution.   The displays are available in black-on-yellow or blue-on-white color formats.

Pricing for the 2.8 inch size is approximately $10 to $13 per unit in production quantities dependent on size and quantity ordered. Complete custom order lead times range from 14-16 weeks.

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