Thursday, August 16, 2012

3-Watt TitanBrite RGB LED with Square Package Design

Lumex has further expanded the company´s extensive line of high-brightness LED technologies with the introduction of the 3-watt TitanBrite™ RGB, a square-shaped SMT LED technology that combines superior color performance with cost and real estate savings.

The square shape of the 10mm x 10mmTitanBrite RGB LED allows increased design efficiency with easier assembly and array formation opportunities. This feature is particularly useful for applications that require increased resolution for up-close viewing and for integration of dynamic, smaller images.

The innovative new technology is ideally suited for a wide variety of applications including electronic signage, industrial controls, safety/security lighting, general illumination, graphic backlighting, accent lighting and other applications that require bright, intense light and low power consumption.

“The TitanBrite RGB LED was developed in response to growing marketing demand for high- brightness LED RGB technology,” explains Kay Fernandez, Manager of High Power Technology “Design engineers have become familiar with the superior color rendering of RGB LED technology, now they are looking for options that allow them to more efficiently take advantage of this superior performance.”

In addition to the design benefits made possible by the TitanBrite´s square shape, RBG technologies provide several opportunities for enhanced efficiency. The use of a single TitanBrite RGB LED can result in up to a 30% cost savings as well as a 70% real estate savings compared to the use of individual red, green and blue packages. Replacing three parts with a single part number also simplifies ordering and maintenance processes.

RGB LEDs provide color rendering performance that is superior to traditional phosphor converted high-brightness white LED technologies. This enhanced color consistency is especially beneficial for lighting applications that require warm white light that closely matches incandescent lighting.  RGB light allows for adjustable color tuning that not only can create shades of white, but almost every other color in the visible spectrum as well.

The combination of the three colors in the same package with an flat epoxy lens creates an ideal product for sign makers that strive to match the view angle of every LED and color to give their products an even view angle throughout the entire sign.

The RoHS compliant TitanBrite RGBs contain three individual 1-Watt dies in red (636nm), green (525nm) and blue (470nm). Samples of these devices are available from stock, with production quantities in 8-10 weeks.  Pricing is dependent on quantity ordered, and is approximately $4.00 -$7.00 per unit in production quantities.

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