Monday, March 12, 2012

The ecomat Mobile Basic Line - A 3-Piece Modular Control System

ifm introduces the ecomatMobile Basic Line, a new control platform for mobile vehicles. The Basic Line is a 3-piece modular system that is easy to wire, simple to install and reduces the amount of space needed for visualization on a dashboard. The Basic Line control platform includes a three compact units – a Controller, a Relay and a Display – that together control the automation of mobile vehicles.

ifm’s Basic Controller is a compact module with 32-bit processing power and 2 CAN-bus ports. The mini Controller replaces conventional relay logic and complex process controllers. Electronics are integrated into a compact, plastic housing that provides connections for inputs and outputs, communication and programming. A status LED indicates the current operating status of the module.

The Basic Relay module is designed to simplify wiring and battery connection and eliminate external terminals. The easily expandable relay streamlines wiring and becomes a decentralized “control room” for mobile applications. Installation is simple and the compact relay module can be installed in areas with limited mounting space.

ifm’s Basic Display is a full-color display that can replace multiple gauges on a vehicle dashboard. A high-resolution color display replaces conventional analog displays and traditional gauges on a dashboard. The display provides a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and a color depth up to 256 colors.

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