Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Best Just Got Better

UK Service Manager Chris Norris said “We have been very successful with the product claiming a significant market share for the free standing sales. We took advantage of the very low warranty defect rate and offered a simple “no quibble” warranty extension to 3 years and of course we hoped that the designers would not get over zealous about value engineering and replacing what I regard as key components in the product’s reliability with lower cost items which might affect the product’s integrity. We have all seen this happen!”

Norris goes on to describe the changes made, “The product only needed some tweaking and we were pleased to see that the controllers were brought up to a high standard, the smaller units having a relatively simple display but doing all the necessary tasks including controlling the BEKOMAT level sensing drain, also allowing the drain test to be carried out from the control panel. Obviously I am always pleased to see service indication on products particularly very reliable products which can get abused because of this virtue.

On the 3 phase line we have scroll compressors fitted from RA1080. This helps keep noise and vibration down and allows a simpler connection, all helping to keep costs down. We have some new features such as Advanced Service Warning, Advanced Fan Control which allows the fan to run at 50% speed saving energy and helping to keep a constant dewpoint. All alarms and operating data are stored in the system to help prevent failures and if they occur to quickly diagnose the cause of the problem. The refrigerant has also been changed to R407C which has a significantly lower GWP (Global Warming Potential) than R404a.

Chris Norris summarises by saying “We in the UK are very satisfied with the new range. We believe that we will get even stronger in the market by offering what customers want, reliability, performance to the specification, connectivity, and ease of maintenance via good information from the control system. We are confident that our DRYPOINT RA range will give customers the lowest cost of ownership and publish our pressure drop and total power input for customer scrutiny. It’s a pity not all do this. In fact some of our competitors publish neither and some just the power. It is really important to understand that the upfront cost of the product is only half the story!

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