Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Welded-Steel Housing for Industrial Hardware

Amplicon's Industrial Computing group has released a range of industrial-grade cabinets suited to housing Amplicon's industrial rackmount computers, data communication and test equipment. Designed for the rigours of industrial-grade applications, the range is constructed from a rugged, welded-steel housing with mesh doors, to provide optimal airflow for the valuable industrial hardware contained within.

Available in a wide range of sizes to suit the hardware required, with heights up to 45U and depths to 1,200mm, the cabinets have the potential to allow up to 45U of rackmount equipment to be consolidated into a compact 600 x 600mm footprint.

With simplicity in mind the new range can be supplied as a fully integrated turnkey solution, supplied ready for use, or alternatively as a versatile starter kit, supplied with everything needed to get up and running with a customer's own cabinet integrations, including power distribution, cable management and fixings. The cabinets come complete with U-marked uprights to assist with these integrations.

Amplicon's cabinet integration service allows complete rackmount solutions to be professionally built against your own technical drawings and specification, allowing every last detail of the cabinet configuration and fitted hardware to be captured and easily replicated. The service allows an entire cabinet integration to be fully managed by Amplicon, consolidating and simplifying the supply chain to a single order and substantially reducing purchasing costs of more complex integration projects.

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