Friday, July 09, 2010

Tool Offers 3D Injection Moulding Flow Simulation

Cimatron CAD/CAM provider Foregone Solutions has announced a partnership with Coretech System that will offer 3D injection moulding flow simulation for medical device manufacturers and more. As a result of this partnership, mould designers can now simulate and analyse the injection moulding process from within CimatronE. This will enable users to ensure optimal placement of injection points, increasing the quality of the manufactured part. Coretech's Moldex3D Explorer analyses tool displays a full 3D visualisation of the moulding process, providing the inner temperature and pressure of the cavity.

CimatronE users will be able to evaluate the welding line, air traps, flow balance, cooling time, the number of gates needed, and the location of the gates. The Moldex3D Explorer add-on is activated with only a few clicks in CimatronE and requires no additional training or CAD conversion. A report generator enables users to provide relevant feedback to their customers. Foregone Solutions also provide the full product Moldex Edesigner and associated modules for the mould designer/manufacturer needing the extra functionality.

Medical applications, where time-to-market is critical, need to get the tool right, and users can see exactly what the plastic will do on the screen. The software can assist in reducing time-to-market through analysing the part before the metal is cut, reducing the distortion and warpage through better understanding of heating and cooling. With this software combination, moulding times can be optimised and material wastage through over-packing can be eliminated. Conformal cooling circuits can be designed and tested before committing to sintering.

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