Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Piezo Linear Motors Provide 20mm Travel Ranges

PI has introduced the N-216 Nexline high-load piezo linear motors - ultra-precision nanopositioning actuators that provide travel ranges to 20mm and push/pull forces to 600N (130lb). The operating principle is based on coordinated motion of a number of highly preloaded linear and shear piezo elements acting on a ceramic runner. Nexline Piezowalk drives can be used in ultra-precision manufacturing and semiconductor test equipment to astronomy and high-energy physics applications.

Their reliability makes them suitable for applications in difficult-to-access internals of instruments, where nanometer-realm adjustment and/or vibration cancellation are required. To promote long lifetime, the Piezowalk controller can reduce the operating voltage on the piezo elements to zero at any position without affecting the full holding force (up to 800N, 177lbs). The piezoceramic clamping and shear elements act directly on a moving runner coupled to the load.

For maximum velocity and long-distance movements, the runner can be driven in full step mode. Extremely uniform motion and constant velocity is achieved with the nanostepping mode. Combining long travel ranges with piezo-class precision, Nexline Piezowalk drives offer a high-dynamics analogue operation mode over smaller distances. Open- and closed-loop operation N-216 linear motors come in two versions for open- or closed-loop operation, as well as in two different load configurations.

Closed-loop versions are equipped with a linear encoder for direct position measurement of the moving runner. The encoder features 5nm resolution over the full travel range. In open-loop operation a positioning resolution to 30 picometers can be realised by use of the analogue operation mode.

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