Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LED Light Source Aids Close Visual Inspection

The energy-efficient Ring LED light source and magnifier from Waldmann Lighting is suitable for a wide range of applications where precise examination is required. Applications include measuring, testing and quality control in laboratories, production and assembly areas - and other areas requiring close visual inspection.

The Ring LED combines a compact design to occupy minimum space with a specially coated, scratch-resistant 2.8in (70mm) diameter Eschenbach magnifier lens, offering magnification of 3.1 distortion-free dioptres. Equipped with six LED light sources in a luminaire head measuring 0.5in (12mm) high and 5in (122mm) in diameter, the Ring LED is said to provide four times more light per watt of power compared to compact fluorescent, thus reducing energy consumption by 75 per cent without compromising on light levels.

The LEDs are designed to offer a minimum of 50,000 hours of operating life at 100 per cent brightness level - delivering maintenance-free lighting for six years running 24/7. Housed in a robust metal frame, the Ring LED is connected to a strong, flexible tubular hose that facilitates precise adjustment while absorbing vibration. A soft-touch on/off sensor, integrated into the luminaire head, ensures ease of operation with no mechanical wear and tear to shorten switch life.

The Ring LED connects straight to workstations via a connector pin as standard, or can be supplied with an optional table clamp if preferred.

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