Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bluetooth Modules Target Embedded Applications

With the brand Wirelessembedded, Emxys is launching a renewed portfolio of Bluetooth modules specifically targeted to the embedded applications developer community. At the core of this latest promotion are the Uiceblue2 and BTswitch embedded modules. Uiceblue2 is an embedded bluetooth module based in the PIC18F4550 microcontroller and Pearlblue Bluetooth module, also from Wirelessembedded.

The device (a new version of the former Uiceblue) is enhanced with this USB PIC micro, which offers the possibility to implement simultaneous USB and Bluetooth communications through one device. The module has a micro-USB connector included with the option to power the module directly from a USB port.

BTswitch is a Bluetooth Pearlblue-based board with four power relays for applications up to 240VAC/1A. With this module, it is possible to retrieve and to operate over the state of the switches and to retrieve the logic state of the included opto-isolated digital input. It is suitable for remote control applications in fields such as industrial control.

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