Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Angle Locking Bracket Allows Profile Fastening

Principally for providing incremental angular adjustment, the Angle Locking Bracket allows the profile to be fastened together at any angle in 2.5deg increments. The bracket would typically be used in pairs on large shelves on track-side equipment and parts trolleys, and is designed to be very easy in operation for the user.

When the knurled locking screw is released, spring pressure lifts the toothed disc away from its mating half, allowing easy rotation. Re-tightening of the screw can be done by hand to re-engage the teeth. The unit will then resist very high rotative moments (up to 200Nm).

The Angle Locking Brackets come complete with all the fastenings needed to secure them to item profiles and are available from Machine Building Systems.

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