Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Adacore Enhances Gnat Pro Development Software

Adacore has announced the latest release of its Gnat Pro Ada development environment. Gnat Pro 6.3 is now available on several new platforms including 64-bit Windows, Windows 7, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, VXWorks Mils and PikeOS (Arinc 653). The product incorporates a variety of enhancements, many based on customer feedback, and offers implementation of new Ada 2012 features.

Gnat Pro 6.3 works with a number of complementary tools, sold separately, including the Codepeer automated code review and validation tool. Gnat Pro 6.3 features improvements to tools such as the Pretty printer, coding standard verifier (Gnatcheck) and stack size analyser (Gnatstack). Other tool enhancements include: unused dispatching subprogram elimination (Gnatelim); more flexible project handling; more efficient Gnatmake and gprbuild; and C and C++ binding generation.

Compiler and debugger enhancements include: additional warnings; more flexible enabling/disabling of warnings; faster unbounded_string implementation; removal of redundant run-time checks; support for Ada 2012 conditional expressions; code generation (speed and size) improvements; more compact debugging information; and improved interfacing with C++.

Gnat Pro 6.3 also includes a new version of the Gnat Programming Studio (GPS) IDE, GPS 4.4.1 and an improved download interface in Adacore's Gnat Tracker support tool.

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