Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stahl Compiles Oil-Rig Camera-Surveillance Package

Stahl has compiled a scalable package of cameras and recording systems for camera surveillance in hazardous areas on gas and oil rigs. In addition to making operations safer, it enables users to carry out a thorough study of causes and fix any problems in the case of incidents. The system supports live monitoring at HMI stations and complete documentation of events. The standard package includes four cameras whose video signals can be recorded manipulation-proof for up to ten days.

This network-compliant solution, which also permits authorised remote access to images via the internet, can be expanded to include twice or four times as many cameras. The recording capacity, which as a standard is covered by a 500GB hard disk, can be easily expanded to meet a specific application's requirements. Resolutions of up to 4 CIF, as well as a full PAL format with 704 x 576 pixels, can be selected for the H264 compressed digital-video files. A PTZ control module is available for the remote control of the pan/tilt/zoom functions of the cameras.

The standard package includes four spherical cameras - type EC-710 for zones 1 and 2 - which can also withstand the rough ambient conditions on offshore platforms in extreme climates. Their steel housing can withstand aggressive chemical substances and protects the cameras from substantial mechanical stress. It can be installed in ambient temperatures ranging from -30 to 75C. A heater is used to prevent condensation or frost forming on the surface.

With a diameter of 55mm and a weight of 435g, the cameras can fit into small spaces. The fixed viewing angle of the hardened lens is +/-90deg horizontally and 68deg vertically. Stahl can also provide any peripherals as part of the system solution. A range of cables, switches, explosion-proof terminal boxes and additional input devices, such as keyboard or joystick for remotely controllable camera models, are available.

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