Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SP Arranges Freeze-Drying Seminars And Discussions

SP Industries has announced the first dates for its 2010 road show, entitled 'Freeze Drying of Pharmaceuticals: Principles and Practice'. Drawing upon speakers from the Freeze Drying Group at Erlangen University in Germany, SP Industries has organised a series of one-day programmes of seminars and discussions. The talks are targeted at anyone involved with pharmaceutical freeze drying and lyophilisation, at all levels of experience.

Seminar topics include: an introduction to freeze drying, putting principles into practice; formulation and understanding the physical properties of materials; overcoming the challenge of formulating colloidal materials; freeze-drying microscopy and its relevance to process design and optimisation; a review of PAT tools for freeze drying; an introduction to MTM and Smart freeze-dryer technologies; and heat and mass transfers in freeze drying and scale-up, the fundamental concepts.

The seminars will take place in Boston, Massachusetts, on 12 April; New Brunswick, New Jersey, on 13 April; and San Francisco, California, on 15 April.

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