Thursday, January 07, 2010

Position Sensors For Accurate Down-Hole Drilling

Macro Sensors is offering LVDT-based linear position sensors for position feedback control of down-hole drilling equipment, such as bore scopes that measure the ID of the drilled hole. The LVDT linear position sensors for down-hole applications are custom built to survive high temperatures and high pressure. Units are rated for pressures to 20,000psi, in electrically non-conductive, chemically benign media, at continuous temperatures up to 400F.

The high-temperature ratings are achieved by using special construction materials for the linear position sensors that include special high melting point soldering. To accommodate high pressures, the sensor case is vented to equalise pressure inside and outside of the LVDT linear position sensor.

Offering a compact 3/8in diameter design, these AC-operated LVDT linear position sensors can serve as an integral part of devices with tight space restrictions. A lightweight low mass core also makes the small, contactless linear position sensors suitable for applications with high dynamic response requirements. Units operate with any conventional differential input LVDT signal conditioners to provide position feedback back to operators at the surface.

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