Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pixavi HD Camera Is Certified For Hazardous Areas

Pixavi has introduced an explosion-proof version of the Xcaster 5000 high-definition (HD) camera series. The rugged camera is certified for Zone One areas, both for Atex (Europe) and IECEx (international). The company has applied advanced, intrinsically safe camera technology to enable communication from any Zone One or Zone Two environment on an international level.

With the recent launch of the Xcaster ST5000 HD communication device, Pixavi claims to have redefined mobile collaboration with the introduction of HD video conferencing live from virtually any location.

By introducing the Xcaster EX 5000, a Zone One certified version of the Xcaster 5000 series, Pixavi said it is bringing this technology to customers within chemical plants, oil and gas, shipyards, mines and other environments requiring strictly certified electronic equipment. Featuring HD video capabilities and Laser collaboration technology as well as video conferencing and streaming technology, the device operates on standard Wi-Fi networks and requires no extra software on the receiving side to operate.

The device features HD video quality and 5megapixel image capture, in addition to comprehensive protocol support, including SIP and H.323 support as well as the ISMA PC streaming standard. This means that customers can connect the device to any video-conferencing endpoint, MCU or PC media player utilising open standards, without the need for expensive and/or proprietary software solutions.

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