Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Open Design Alliance Announces World Conference

The Open Design Alliance (ODA) has announced its second ODA World Conference in Orlando, Florida, from 4-5 May 2010. This conference will offer attendees the opportunity to discuss and learn about the latest advances in ODA platform technology and the technical graphics industry. Each day of the conference will include presentations by ODA member companies, ODA partners and other third parties, as well as offer workshops in the ODA Technology Exchange.

The ODA Technology Exchange will provide more direct interaction, collaboration and 'how-to' sessions with technology leaders to address the specific questions and requirements of conference attendees. Topics will include the latest developments and advancements in the CAD industry, conceptual and practical implementations of ODA technology, and how to blend ODA components and third-party components to create a foundation for new solutions.

The ODA is also asking its members, partners and other third parties to submit industry-related papers and presentations for the conference.

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