Thursday, January 21, 2010

Heason Introduces Ethernet-Based Servo Drives

The new Kollmorgen AKD range of Ethernet-based servo drives is now available from Heason Technology. With common interfacing and hardware from 1.1kW to 64kW continuous output power and featuring multiple Ethernet connectivity and a choice of fieldbus communication options, the new servo drive is capable of providing a solution for a variety of motion control applications, from single-axis indexing through to fully synchronised multi-axis position control.

The AKD servo-drive range is available in five modular sizes for panel mounting with peak current ratings from 9A to 48A on 120/240VAC single-phase or 240/480VAC three-phase supplies. Higher-current versions up to 192A are due for release during 2010. Setup, diagnostics and programming are all made straightforward with a PC-based graphical user interface featuring icons and screen flow navigation with auto-tuning and guided manual tuning.

Online troubleshooting and verification is available for faster installation, while setup is further simplified with plug-and-play compatibility across Kollmorgen's range of rotary, cartridge rotary and linear servomotors.

The DSP-based AKD servo drive features a high-bandwidth torque-loop update rate of 0.67ms and velocity/position-loop updates down to 62.5ms. This control is combined with fast data acquisition through the device's PC-compatible TCP/IP Ethernet service channel for real-time performance feedback.

The flexibility built into the range also includes Endat, Biss and Hiperface feedback device support and multiple fieldbus expansion options including Ethercat, Synqnet, Modbus/TCP and Canopen. A full and expandable complement of optically isolated input/output with screw terminal connections also helps speed installation. Option cards are available for expanded non-volatile system memory and processing power.

The AKD range can also be embedded with the new Kollmorgen Automation Suite (KMS) software for even higher-performing single- and multi-axis system performance with full IEC-61131-3 PLC control for integrated motion and machine control applications. Heason Technology provides standard and customised electromechanical solutions for challenging motion control and automation applications across a range of areas, including aerospace, automotive, defence, robotics, process control, packaging and motorsport.

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