Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Femtolasers Introduces Fusion M1 Laser Oscillator

Femtolasers has introduced Fusion M1, a member of its ultra-compact Ti:Sapphire oscillator range. Fusion M1 is claimed to deliver maximum stability, ease of operation and excellent laser parameters from a compact laser oscillator. These attributes are achieved through an integrated high-reliability pump module in combination with a low-loss high-efficiency cavity design.

All Fusion models make use of Femtolasers' patented Dispersive Mirror technology, which is specifically designed for broadband intracavity group delay dispersion compensation. Mode-locked average output power exceeding 1W is now available with all features of an ultra-fast laser. Fusion M1 features Femtolock repetition rate stabilisation, tunability in bandwidth and custom centre wavelength control.

It is designed for demanding applications such as seeding amplifier chains, material processing, coherent THz generation, time-resolved spectroscopy and multi-photon processes. All of these benefit from more than 1MW of peak power provided by the Fusion M1 oscillator.

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