Thursday, January 07, 2010

Dryers Operate Without Water Or Compressed Air

Summit Systems has introduced a range of absorbing dryers with capacities from just 1.3kg/h. Summit said that its Dryplus series offers at least a 40 per cent lower energy consumption when compared with old twin tower desiccant drying technology. Based on a four-stage circuit, the dryer is designed to constantly operate at maximum performance to ensure an efficient drying process.

Other designs only employ a three-stage system, offering a dewpoint of -35C to -40C. The Dryplus has a dewpoint range from -35C to -55C. This lower dewpoint reduces the stress on the material and optimises its viscosity in the processing equipment, while cutting down on energy use.

Other specific features include an automatic, intelligent set-up mode where operators need only input the type of material and the desired output. A countdown timer on the display indicates when the material is dry and ready to be used, so that it cannot be over dried. Summit offers a five-year warranty on the rotor wheel.

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