Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dionex Releases Sample Pre-Treatment Cartridges

The Inguard multiuse in-line sample preparation cartridges for ion chromatography are packed with a range of resins that can automatically remove matrix interferences. The interferences covered include anions; cations, including transition metal; and hydrophobic contaminants, including lipids. Pretreatment helps extend column life and improves separations. Reproducible ppm-level determinations are possible even in samples with concentrated matrices.

Cartridges can be used multiple times, singly or in series, and in some cases can be regenerated (depending on the samples being treated). Inguard cartridges are plumbed directly after the injection loop and before the concentrator column, thus making sample pre-treatment automatic and saving time and labour of off-line sample preparation. Each cartridge can be used multiple times before requiring regeneration or replacement. Standard 10-32 fittings make installation simple and secure.

Cartridges are available in silver (Ag) form for the removal of halides; hydronium (H) form for the removal of polyvalent cations and neutralisation of high pH samples; sodium (Na) form for the removal of transition metals and alkaline earth metals; hydrophilic reversed phase (HRP) form for the removal of organic material; and a combined Na/HRP form.

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