Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dimplex Delivers Low Carbon Heating At Ecobuild

Dimplex is showing a range of low carbon heating solutions at Ecobuild, designed to facilitate the specification and installation of renewable energy systems. Dimplex offers a wide range of heat pumps, covering ground, air and water source models. A new range of high efficiency air source models offers levels of efficiency comparable with ground source units, yet without the need for associated ground collectors. The range delivers CoPs in excess of 4.0 even at low ambient air temperatures and is available in a choice of five outputs from 9-40kW.

The largest in the range, the LA 40 TU, offers a flow temperature up to 58C, although optimum performance is achieved at lower flow temperatures; 3.8 at A2/W35 and 4.4 at A7/W35. Where cooling capability is also required, the LA 35 TUR+ is a 35kW reversible air source heat pump, suitable for commercial applications. Giving flow temperatures of 60C, it can also be used in reversible mode for cooling, whereby it extracts heat from the internal environment.

Waste heat collected in this way can then be used for domestic hot water, or for heating a swimming pool. New this year is Smartrad, a range of wall-mounted fan convector radiators offering a cost effective, responsive and energy efficient alternative to underfloor heating or conventional radiators for heat pump systems. Smartrad allows heat pump CoP to be optimised with water temperatures as low as 40C. The range also complements conventional boiler systems, allowing improved efficiencies due to lower water temperatures.

Dimplex's solar thermal hot water system is available in a choice of 12 pre-packaged kits, with each of the system's components carefully selected for its quality and suitability for the UK's climate. Each Dimplex 2m2 collector plate has a gross collector area of 2.15m2, which is a larger area than assumed by SAP, providing improved performance over SAP default scores and meaning that the Dimplex range can help gain extra valuable points.

A range of hot water cylinders offers energy efficiency and flexibility. Available as a solar system cylinder with supplementary heat source for times when insufficient solar thermal is available, or as a conventional electric unvented cylinder, the range features high levels of insulation for plentiful energy efficient hot water. Dimplex will be located at Stand 1845 at Ecobuild 2010.

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