Thursday, January 14, 2010

Barber Insys Offers EC060 Thermal Imaging Cameras

Trotec's EC060 hand-held low-cost thermal imaging cameras, available from Barber Insys, incorporate a 160 x 120 pixel un-cooled micro bolometer, flip-out display and visual camera option.

There are three models to choose from: the EC060 standard, which has two measuring spots, one auto hot/cold spot and one movable; the EC060V, which has an integrated digital camera and five spots, four movable and one auto hot/cold; and the EC060V+, which has an integrated digital camera and Bluetooth software (including headset and real-time IR video incorporated in the camera, real time software optional), nine movable spots and one auto hot-/cold-spot, integrated profile and area analysis.

All three models have a 50/60Hz image refresh rate, so rotating machinery is not a problem. The EC series is an ideal entry-level camera for engineers and surveyors.

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