Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ashtead Provides NDT Instrumentation For Refinery

Ashtead Technology played a key role in providing Non Destructive Testing (NDT) instrumentation for inspection work carried out by SGS during the shutdown of two European oil refineries. Following an evaluation of the SGS requirements, Ashtead increased its stock of Panametrics 37DL Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges so that SGS could hire 14 of the instruments for month-long inspection projects at the BP Europoort site in Rotterdam and the Total Vlissingen refinery.

A digital gauge combining measurement features with data-acquisition and output capabilities, the 37DL is suitable for applications involving pipes, tanks and other metal structures subject to corrosion or erosion. It includes features for true metal thickness, even when the exposed surface is coated or painted, such as the Oxide/Scale option, which also measures and displays build up of residue inside boiler tubes and helps to predict tube life.

For the most recent inspections, SGS technicians used the 37DL to measure the thickness of pipelines, drum vessels and towers on both sites. The test gauges identified several maintenance issues at both the plants, which enabled immediate remedial action before normal plant operation resumed.

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