Thursday, January 21, 2010

Amplifier Compliments Standard Mounting Systems

The Series AP5103 DIN-rail amplifier is a low-cost, general-purpose, single-channel signal conditioner that is compatible with standard DIN-Rail mounting systems. It is designed for input of pressure, force, torque, weight and other variables measured by standard DC-excited strain-gage transducers. The AP5103 allows the user to select filtered analogue output of +/-5V DC, +/-10V DC or 4-20mA and will accommodate a range of DC strain-gage sensors with bridge resistance of 120 to 10,000Ohm.

The amplifier includes front-panel-accessible settings for mode, volts, current, filter, excitation and zero. A wide zero and span adjustment and switch-based shunt-cal feature make the versatile suitable for a variety of applications. DIN-Rail design permits easy access to screw-terminal connections for power, analogue-output, shunt and sensor signals.

The AP5103 provides high signal stability and accuracy over a range of sensor inputs, and a powerful low-pass active filter removes unwanted high-frequency signal components. Bridge excitation of 2.5 or 5.0V DC is field-selectable and the input power range is 11-28V DC. The AP5103 has a power-status indicator light and over-range indicator light.

The unit complements mV/V miniature load cells, force sensors and miniature pressure transducers that are too small to accommodate onboard electronics or those applications where temperatures at the sensor require that electronics be located elsewhere. The AP5103 DIN-rail signal conditioner is also available as a fully enclosed in-line housing as the Series AP5201.

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