Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Altec Develops Crane For Prinoth Vehicle

Altec Industries has partnered with Prinoth to install cranes on its Go-Tract range of vehicles, including the Altec AC38-127S on the GT4500 tracked vehicle. Altec can install 18 to 38ton telescopic cranes, high reach isolated man lift booms up to 46m, pressure washers and digger derricks on Prinoth track vehicles. These features will allow for work in places previously not accessible by trucks, offering a significant cost reduction on operation and gain on time.

Typical uses include construction of remote transmission lines and oil field applications in both boggy and permafrost conditions. Prinoth launched the versatile payload tracked vehicle which easily adapts to the user's needs. From 20tons of payload on the big Go-Tract 4500, to 4.5tons of payload on the Muskeg, it can meet the demands of any work environment, where power, toughness, traction and safety are essential.

The Altec AC26-103 crane on GT3000 offers a front and rear climbing capability of 60 per cent and 40 per cent on side hilling. The technology on the undercarriage gives the user a ground pressure lighter than a human footprint at maximum load and has a result of outstanding traction on sand, rocks, mud and snow. The larger Altec AC38-127S mounted on GT4500 is ideal for transmission line construction projects. With a 58.5m sheave height the crane can handle pylon construction and line placement, plus with the optional two man platform allows it to double as an aerial platform.

Post construction, the insulated jib and platform options on the AC38-127S provide live line working capability to 58m for maintenance crews, which can replace the more costly means of access by helicopter commonly seen in the UK. These savings are further compounded, both during construction and maintenance periods, as the low ground pressure vehicle does not require temporary roadways and reduces ground reinstatement works after access.

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