Tuesday, December 29, 2009

TRAAKiT Launches Tracking Device For Equipment

TRAAKiT has introduced a custom programmed tracking device to safeguard equipment and machinery from theft. With no need to drill holes or modify what is being guarded in any way, the TRAAKiT monitor can be hidden in any convenient spot such as in a compartment, or under a seat.

The equipment is guarded by setting an invisible boundary and the TRAAKiT user is immediately sent an SMS text message to his mobile phone and by email when the equipment being guarded leaves the designated area. The TRAAKiT user can then see where the equipment is by accessing an online interactive mapping system.

The user can then coordinate the capture of the thieves and the recovery of equipment with the Police. The invisible boundary can be set and deactivated automatically at times to suit the TRAAKiT user. Equipment can therefore be locked down and guarded when it is not supposed to be used. For equipment hirers, the TRAAKiT system will also provide them reports when the equipment is in use.

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