Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Siemens Welcomes Smart Metering Roll Out

Siemens Energyk has welcomed the government's plans for the national roll out of smart meters but says energy-distribution companies need to play an active role if DECC is to meet its targets. Centrally coordinating the communications between smart meters and the utility companies via a proposed central-communications model will provide distribution companies with a development platform for smarter grids and enhanced information about how the network is performing.

Details about which parts of the system are heavily used and which are less busy allows them to maximise equipment performance and make more informed decisions based on the stresses a particular component has suffered. Smart metering will enable customers to better understand and take control of their energy consumption in ways that they never could before.

It will also pave the way to realising the potential of radical solutions for energy supply, such as combined heat and power and local micro-generation. It will also provide consumers with information on their actual energy consumption. Siemens is working with an energy supplier to install thousands of smart meters into UK households. Siemens Metering Services in Nottingham has been designated as Siemens' global Centre of Competence for smart-metering and smart-grid services.

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