Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rem Offers Swiss Turns For Complex-Part Production

Rem Sales has announced the introduction of two Tsugami Precision Swiss turns, available for delivery from March 2010. The 20mm models, the Tsugami S205 and Tsugami S206, are suitable for the production of complex parts. Live tools for cross and face operations are found on the main and sub spindle. A two-path control permits true, simultaneous operation of the main and sub spindle, which reduces cycle times.

The modular, spacious tool zone allows driven tools to be moved from main to sub spindle and from face to cross positions with ease. The S206 has the same capabilities of the S205, plus backworking y-axis movement. A Fanuc 31-iA control is standard on both models, which also can accommodate an optional 'chucker kit' that allows the machine to be run as a Swiss turn or fixed-headstock lathe. The fixed-headstock configuration can use unground bar stock, eliminating bar remnants and improving part concentricity.

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