Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Motion Analyzer Optimises Machine Design

Rockwell's Motion Analyzer mechatronics tool optimises design for the automation and machine-construction industry. Application data can be accepted by the 3D CAD software Solidworks via the interface, directly from the OEM's mechanical design. An estimation of the loading then becomes superfluous and a genuine computation of the drive load is possible. Based on these data, the tool suggests a suitable drive, taking into consideration local conditions such as the supply voltage and the siting level. Motion Analyzer is able to carry out a comparison of costs and performance for various drive technologies.

This means that the user can select the variant most suitable to the machine's use. With the aid of the Motion Analyzer computation tool, the user can adapt the movement to the conditions in the mechanical system and optimise it for his specific application. There is an export function to the Logix controller so that the computed travel profile can also be executed later on the machine. The efficiency analysis shows, at a glance, in which part of the application the applied torque is present.

With the tolerance analysis each of the application parameters can be modified over a range. This means that an overview of the limits of the drive and also of the machine itself is obtained quicker and it is possible to determine the application modifications necessary for a drive solution. Similarly, the reaction of the drive can be simulated with the simulation tool.

In particular, the effects of less rigid or slack couplings are highlighted. From this, conclusions can be drawn about the feasibility of various design structures for the mechanical construction and adaptations carried out as required. A secondary effect here is the generation of settings for the control system. The tool calculates using exactly the same values as RSLogix 5000. This is used as a development tool for the whole control environment from Rockwell Automation.

This parameterisation is also transferred to the controller and the tuning of the servo drives is shortened. Rockwell Automation offers the optional integrated condition-monitoring solution Dynamix, which provides full vibration monitoring directly in the machine controller. The combination of vibration monitoring and machine analysis with a fast Fourier analysis allows preventive maintenance within the machine control. Motion Analyser takes the whole drive into account, analysing and optimising travel profiles and simulating the reaction of the system to control parameters.

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