Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Metrohm Control Enables Water Determinations

The Touch Control from Metrohm, in conjunction with the 890 KF Titrino, is a Karl Fischer (moisture analyser) for water determinations. The Touch Control is said to be ergonomic and modern, with no need for a computer. It can be held by hand, placed on a laboratory bench or attached to a stand or the wall in order to save space and protect it from chemicals.

The colour display informs the user about the instrument status and offers comfortable and intuitive user guidance. Keys can be locked out, so much of the analysis can be completed with one button press. The Touch Control is equipped with two PCMCIA interfaces that accept commercially available storage media, such as Compact Flash cards. This ensures that there is sufficient memory space available for methods, data and system backups. Access control is possible with the personal keycard.

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