Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kingspan Shows Complete Solar Packages At Ecobuild

Kingspan Solar, part of Kingspan Renewables, will be exhibiting its solar thermal technology at Ecobuild 2010. Enhancements to its Thermomax vacuum tube collectors will be on display, which are now easier to install and deliver further efficiency. Kingspan Solar will also be exhibiting its Marvel flat plate panels, complete solar package solutions, Aeromax Air Source Heat Pumps and Renewables input cylinders. Kingspan Solar Thermomax vacuum tubes deliver transfer of solar energy into heat and provide up to 70 per cent of hot water requirements throughout the year.

Thermomax tubes are both fast and simple to install due to their plug and play design and are suitable for flexible building integration, allowing for installations on sloping roofs, flat roofs or facades. Kingspan Solar Marvel flat plate panels deliver a cost effective solution both in domestic and commercial applications and provide effective levels of efficiency and performance. They are robust, hard-wearing and flexible in installation.

Complete solar packages from Kingspan Solar are available either with Thermomax vacuum tube collectors or Marvel flat plate panels and are custom designed to suit each specific application, including all components required for the complete installation. The packages can also be enhanced with the inclusion of Range Tribune HE Solar cylinders, which have been designed specifically for solar applications. Aeromax air source heat pumps are also designed for use in Northern European climates.

They can supply up to 100 per cent of Space Heating and Domestic Hot Water to UK homes all year round, help reduce energy bills and cut carbon emissions to zero. Aeromax heat pumps deliver totally renewable and sustainable energy by extracting and utilising heat from outside air to heat the home and provide Domestic Hot Water. The Ultimate Air Source Heat Pump Package will be on display at Ecobuild 2010 and features the Aeromax product, along with Range Tribune HE Renewable Energy unvented cylinders.

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