Tuesday, December 15, 2009

CNC Vice Has Interchangeable Jaw System

The Chick One-Lok CNC vice system has been added to 1st Machine Tool Accessories' (1st MTA's) portfolio of high-productivity machining equipment. Developed to meet the speed, precision and flexibility demanded by modern CNC machining operations, One-Lok is said to eliminate the shortcomings of standard knee-type milling machine vices. With a maximum grip of up to 17in (432mm), One-Lok incorporates Chick's Boltfast interchangeable jaw system, which enables soft or hard jaws to be replaced with a single turn of a locking screw, to provide locational repeatability of 0.0008in (0.02mm).

Machining accuracy is further enhanced by the unit's 'squeeze' clamping configuration, which applies an equal and opposite internal force to the fixed jaw as the moving jaw closes - providing virtually deflection-free component clamping with a maximum retaining force of 10,000lbf. In operation, the vice also imparts a pull-down action to the workpiece for increased security and precision.

One-Lok features a 'Qwikslide' mechanism that allows the moveable jaw to be easily unlocked and slid forwards or backwards to achieve rapid setups. A further feature of the unit's compact, modular design is its hardened, precision-ground cast-iron base, which provides a solid working surface and eliminates swarf traps - reducing the need for fixture cleaning between machining cycles.

Available as a standalone workholding system complete with a set of hard jaws, toe clamps, operating handle and jaw-change T wrench, the One-Lok is complemented by a range of machining accessories, including stepped hard jaws, outboard mounted hard jaws, soft jaws, an adjustable workstop, foundation stops and locating keys. Purpose-designed spacers enable existing knee-type milling machine vice jaws to be quickly installed to the One-Lok base unit without modification.

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