Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Atmo 400 Treats Surfaces And Deposits Thin Films

Megatech has introduced the Atmo 400, a high-quality Atmospheric Pressure Plasma system for surface treatment and thin-film deposition. The Atmo 400 is ideal for high-speed treatment of two- and three-dimensional surfaces prior to bonding, marking, painting and coating. It delivers consistent and uniform treatment for reliability and quality. Designed for ease of operation, its features include locked and timed modes, with real-time data logging to enable rapid integration into manufacturing processes.

A large easy-to-read graphical LCD screen highlights the simple-to-operate control panel. Both CE and ETL certification qualify this system for use throughout the world. The Atmo 400 plasma system is provided with a variety of Surfx's applicators, which can be selected to suit the surface requirements. The applicators are lightweight and can be handheld or robotically operated. The Atmo 400 has no moving parts, enabling trouble-free use; set-up can be completed within 10 minutes. Atmospheric pressure plasmas eliminate the need for harsh chemicals or inefficient vacuum chambers, which are difficult to integrate into the process flow.

Atmoflo tools are suitable for a variety of applications, including bonding composite materials; treating, cleaning or sterilising medical-grade plastics and metals; stripping organic contamination; and depositing glass films. The system generates a stream of reactive gas at low temperatures. Among the materials that can be treated include polymers, fabrics, metals, composites, semiconductors, glass and integrated circuits. The target material is placed within a centimetre downstream of the plasma source.

Ions remain trapped between the electrodes, preventing damage to sensitive materials. The plasma operates near room temperature at atmospheric pressure with helium as the primary gas, and a reagent gas such as oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, or carbon tetrafluoride. The process chemistry is determined by the reagent gas employed. This system has applications in the electronic, manufacturing, processing, engineering, laboratory and medical industries.

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