Wednesday, November 11, 2009

HBM Torque Flange Has Measuring Range From 200Nm

HBM has improved the performance of its T40 multi-purpose torque flange with a new rated measuring range from 200Nm. The T40 is now available with rated torques of 200nm, 500nm, 1kNm, 2 kNm, 3 kNm, 5 kNm and 10kNm. Intended to provide accurate torque measurements, even under difficult ambient conditions, the T40 features identical electrical configuration throughout the series.

This allows the torque transducer to be used for a range of applications - from friction performance measurements, applications for engine or gear test benches to chassis test benches - without modifications. The T40 series' compact design means that the torque flange can be easily integrated into a test bench and is insensitive to parasitic loads. Direct mounting of machine elements - without additional joint shafts or couplings - is possible.

The T40 does not use slip rings or bearings and is therefore totally maintenance and wear free. The reliability of the measurement flange is very high because its robust design leads to reduced test-bench downtime and increases cost savings. Data transmission between rotor and stator is digital so that secure and error-free measured value acquisition and transmission is possible even under difficult ambient conditions.

The measured torque can be output via a voltage output or a frequency output. Connection with Ethernet TCP/IP and integration in the fieldbus interface world is also possible with the torque-interface module TIM40, which is available as an accessory. Typical application areas can be found in friction performance measurements and in the automotive industry for engine, gear or chassis test benches. The T40 can also be used in the testing of electric motors, pumps and generators.

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