Wednesday, November 11, 2009

3D CAD Environment Combines Modelling And Design

IronCAD has released its IronCAD 3D design solution version 2009, combining modelling and structured design into a single environment. IronCAD has also introduced a 2D design environment integrated within IronCAD that offers mechanical design capabilities to assist in detailing 3D and 2D design data. All new customers buying Ironcad will automatically receive Version 2009 Next Generation.

Next Generation provides the combination of IronCAD's design environment with the more conventional history-based structured-design environment, allowing users to choose at an individual part level which process is most appropriate for the particular part they are designing. IronCAD's structure part design allows users to build rigid feature dependant parts with embedded design intent, delivering control over future changes and a predictable structure to the design.

With Next Generation, IronCAD offers the customer a choice between Structured or Innovative design modes at an individual part level within a single assembly. IronCAD has integrated CAXA's 2D design and detailing tool within the IronCAD modelling solution. This ensures that users can detail to the highest level without the need to export to a third-party product or lose any associations with the core 3D model data.

Other enhancements include: support for the fluent ribbon; user interface and improved interface icons for clarity and accessibility; support for multiple body parts, including copy/delete functions; reference datum features (plane, axis, and point) support; move face feature command that is accessible in the history structure; enhanced feature commands, including pattern, scale and mirror; strong reference association support for 3D curves and surfaces; user selection list capability for direct access to face/edge/vertex locations; 2D sketch improvements in user interface and capabilities; dynamic direct editing improvements, including automatic selection controls and graphical representations, automatic Triball activation for improved productivity and direct editing driving smart dimension capability; improved Smartassembly connection and display capabilities; side-by-side application support for IronCAD Products; freely distributable Ironcad scene (.ics) viewer; freely distributable CAXA EXB viewer; updated partner programs including 32-bit and 64-bit Ironpro support; for a limited time, a free standalone CAXA draft licence with Ironcad licence.

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