Monday, October 12, 2009

Power Jacks Actuators Enable A-Frame Manipulators

Power Jacks supply Omega Foundry Machinery with actuators that provide the clamping action to enable A-frame electric manipulator to function. The manipulators are designed, built and supplied as mechanical handling devices for flask and flaskless moulds within foundry production lines worldwide.

The manipulator device lifts, lowers, rotates, pivots, positions and closes different types of sand moulds up to 1500kg. The moulds come in a range of sizes and the actuator can securely hold clamped any of the sizes for which the manipulator is dedicated. Clamping pad options on a mould manipulator provide secure clamping and accommodate simple pick and place operations and/or additional box pivot functionality.

The single phase actuator with parallel mounted motor configuration and integral limit switches occupies a small space envelope. Its 7kN load capacity delivers ample performance in various stroke lengths sufficient to accommodate a range of mould sizes.

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