Monday, October 12, 2009

ESAB Explains How To Improve Welding Productivity

At Schweissen und Schneiden 2009 in Essen, Germany, ESAB provided an exhibition newsletter entitled 'Let's Talk Productivity' that explains the link between quality and productivity. The newsletter, which was available free to those who visited the ESAB stand, explained how real productivity gains in welding and cutting must come from more than just cost-cutting exercises. The company said fabricators need to recognise that quality is the key to real productivity gains, reducing the overall cost of fabrication and boosting output potential.

Nazmi Adams, global marketing director at ESAB, wrote: 'Low-quality products can be a false economy, resulting in further expenditure elsewhere that makes the initial savings pale into insignificance. 'These hidden costs can take the form of higher failure rates - made worse by products that are tricky to use and which may not have been designed for the job.' ESAB's exhibition newsletter also provided briefings on how ESAB product solutions can provide potential for increased productivity.

At Schweissen und Schneiden 2009, ESAB showcased the Suprarex SXG, a combined oxyfuel/plasma cutting system that can be equipped with the Bevel Excavator and Quatrojet heads and VBA Wrist. This is said to allow the cutting of extreme bevels in mild steel to be done at a lower cost. In addition, the Autorex, a low-cost, fully encapsulated automotive plasma-cutting centre was on show at the event. The latest generation of ESAB Columbus.Net programming software enables fabricators to cut costs by allowing for the easy, efficient creation of even the most complex cutting programs.

Data Leap, also on show, offers production data management that is said to boost productivity by optimising in real time. ESAB also demonstrated how its Marathon Pac bulk-wire system can reduce downtime by offering an efficient storage, handling, installation and waste-disposal solution. At the event, ESAB presented the Telbo, its latest telescopic boom for use with the submerged arc-welding process.

With a three-section telescopic extension and retraction of the boom, the Telbo has a reach of up to 12m with a beam-end load capability of up to 500kg, providing maximum submerged-arc flexibility and productivity potential from a relatively compact workspace. Friction-stir welding of flat aluminium plate has become a viable and well-developed industrial process, and ESAB has introduced an industrial robot to the process with the Rosio - a friction-stir welding solution capable of welding complex 3D workspaces, opening the process up to a wider range of applications.

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