Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Three-Phase Stepper Motor Offers Low Vibration

Astrosyn International has launched the MY4304-01 three-phase stepper motor, which is said to be suitable for the pan-and-tilt control of stage and other entertainment lighting. The company said the three-phase design is capable of exceptionally quiet operation with a low level of vibration, making it ideal for this type of application.

A further advantage is said to be its higher precision, with a full step angle of 1.2 deg compared with the more usual 1.8 deg. The high torque, Nema size 24 hybrid motor also features special bearings for high-temperature operation and its modified shaft has a KK2 keyway. The MY4304-01 can be supplied with Astrosyn's P306 three-phase driver, which delivers an output current of 3.0-5.8A per phase from a direct current input of 18-45V.

In addition, eight microstepping resolutions can be selected. Other possible applications where the motor's smooth running and low vibration are crucial include mirror control in laser-beam scanning and electro-optical assemblies for medical instruments.

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