Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Securityprobe Combines Sensor And Camera Alerting

AKCP has announced the launch of the fifth-generation Securityprobe 5E, an upgraded version of its Securityprobe intelligent monitoring device. The Securityprobe 5E combines sensor and camera alerting for intruders, security breaches, high temperature, smoke, water leaks, power outages and more.

It features a faster processor, 2 Gigs of SD flash, and the ability to support up to 600 sensors, contacts or combinations of both using low-cost expansion units. These expansion units are the E-opto16 with 16 opto-isolated dry contact inputs and the E-sensor8 with eight intelligent sensor ports per unit. There is also a new contact sensor that can support 8 DC inputs or outputs per port, allowing up to 64 contacts per unit or 164 in a 1u space.

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