Friday, September 18, 2009

ESAB Offers Protective Clothing For Welders

ESAB, a manufacturer of welding and cutting equipment, has introduced items of protective clothing specifically designed for welders. In line with evolving health-and-safety standards, the new additions include ESAB-branded Proban leather jackets and trousers, both designed for maximum comfort. The Proban jacket is made from flame-retardant material and, to withstand the exposure to welding spatter, the sleeves and shoulders have been made with durable grade A leather.

The trousers have been reinforced with leather to withstand the spatter and welding sparks. The company has also introduced black flame-resistant jackets and trousers to its range. These are said to be extremely lightweight while being highly durable. They are made from an inherent flame-resistant fabric, which allows the garments to be washed an unlimited amount of times without loosing the flame resistance.

Both the welding jackets and trousers are available in sizes from small up to extra-extra large. Another item in the range is the ESAB coverall. The black and yellow coverall has been designed to give the welder maximum protection and comfort. It is made from an Indura ultra-soft material that is inherently flame retardant.

With many features including an elasticated waist for better comfort and fit, the coverall is available in a range of sizes. Additional items in the ESAB personal protection equipment clothing range include leather gaiters to protect footwear during welding, welding sleeves and aprons. All of the company's products conform to relevant European Union legislation and standards.

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